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Part 2 of 5

Solyn's Body

Author: JM Paquette E-book

Hannah must fight to live inside Solyn's Body...

A New Beginning: Hannah Tallerin was sure that all of her problems were over. No longer a vampire, her soul tethered to a mortal body, she is finally free from her old life and content to be with her beloved Rory, the two of them building a perfectly normal mortal life, the life sheโ€™s been dreaming of.

An Unexpected Arrival: But when the original owner of the body wakes up, Hannah turns to her oldest friend for answers. As the voice in her head gets more insistent, her once-betrothed offers his help. Hannah knows that any aid from Klauden comes at a price, the cost of which may be more than she can pay, and soon she will have to decide how far she is willing to go for the one she loves.

A Final Battle: The battle for her soul has begun, but when the real enemies arrive, Hannah realizes she will have to fight for her body as well.

© 2020 4 Horsemen Publications (E-book) ISBN: 9781644500071

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