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The Marathon Conspiracy

Author: Gary Corby Narrator: Erik Davies Audiobook

Nicolaos and his partner in investigation Diotima have taken time out of their assignments to come home to get married. But if Nico was hoping they'd be able to get hitched without a hitch, he was overly optimistic. When they arrive in Athens, there's a problem waiting for them. The Sanctuary of Artemis is the ancient world's most famous school for girls. When one of the children is killed, apparently by a bear, and another girl disappears, Diotima's childhood teacher asks her former pupil to help them. Meanwhile a skull discovered in a cave not far from the sanctuary has proven to be the remains of the last tyrant to rule Athens. What are his remains doing outside the city walls?

© 2014 Dreamscape Media (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781629235639

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