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The Trouble Boys

Author: E.R. Fallon E-book

First in the Irish gangland saga. “A full-length chiaroscuro portrait of the immigrant experience, filled with crackling dialogue and headlong plotting” (Stefan Kanfer, national bestselling author).

Young Irish immigrant Colin O’Brien settles with his family in New York City. There Colin befriends a Cuban-American boy named Johnny Garcia. Life in America isn’t what Colin’s family expects and he experiences a shocking tragedy that alters his life.

As Johnny and Colin grow into men, their friendship changes. They begin working for different crime syndicates, with Colin joining the ranks of charismatic Tom McPhalen’s Irish mob and Johnny becoming a member of debonair Tito Bernal’s Cuban gang.

As Colin’s rise in the ranks of organized crime becomes increasingly more brutal and demeaning and his friendship with Johnny deteriorates, he begins to question his place in the seductive yet violent world he’s found himself in. Can he protect not just his livelihood, but his very life?

Trilogy praise

“Far more than a crime novel; a wise, carefully wrought narrative informed by a tragic sense of life.” —Stefan Kanfer, national bestselling author

“Captures the atmosphere and the feel of the period to absolute perfection. I can just see this being made into a film. Superb.” —Books Monthly

Perfect for Fans of Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers, and Jessie Keane

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