Overcoming Emotional Trauma with Guided Meditation - Karen Hills

Overcoming Emotional Trauma with Guided Meditation

Overcoming Emotional Trauma with Guided Meditation

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Are you struggling to let go of a painful past experience? Are you ready to heal from stress and strife, but you’re just not so sure how to start? Then you need to keep reading…

According to recent surveys, one in four girls and one in six boys worldwide will endure significant trauma before they turn eighteen. Once experienced, trauma can be difficult to move on and reclaim our lives. Studies have proven, however, that regular meditation practice can reduce the symptoms of PTSD.

In Guided Meditation for Trauma Recovery, you’ll discover:

Powerful guided meditation sessions to INSTANTLY release trauma and feel emotionally renewed. (Regain control over every aspect of your life and jumpstart a brighter beginning!)Quick and easy meditations for immediate stress relief.Mindfulness practices for post-trauma patients to accelerate physical healing.The advanced meditation technique that can free you from all emotional pain.Expert mind-shaping methods for memory improvement NOW. (These genius techniques will reignite the full power of your mind and aid you through any mental or emotional hurdle!)

As a FREE bonus, you’ll also receive a chapter from Emotional Intelligence because we truly believe that when emotional intelligence is combined with meditation, the emotional self becomes a strong fortress in the face of all negativity.

Even if you feel overwhelmed by your trauma and every attempt to heal has failed, the extensive research behind this guide will help you identify the recovery methods you never knew you needed, and cultivate emotional strength.

If you want to access these transformative tools and finally allow yourself to find true healing, then you should listen to this audiobook!
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