The Boyfriend Book - Michael E. Reid

The Boyfriend Book

The Boyfriend Book

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A collection of short stories, thoughts, and poems offering women a perspective on modern love and the tools to change their love lives and inner lives.

Three hundred women sat down with Mike, and after three hours, 299 of them agreed that they never wanted a boyfriend again. Find out why . . .

When entrusting her heart to somebody, a woman doesn’t want to worry about the bad and the ugly. Things like disloyalty, disrespect, indifference, contempt, micro-aggression, and outright violence. In a perfect world, every guy would be a “good guy” and have her best interest at heart. Unfortunately, the real world is a dangerous place, particularly when women must allow strangers in. And while some women are decent judges of character, others don’t see the train coming until it hits them. This book serves as a cautionary tale, and also offers an important perspective on modern love and equips women with strategies to effectively change their love lives and, most importantly, their inner lives.

Ask yourself: Where am I now? What are my struggles? What sort of pain do I carry? What parts of myself have I lost? Then, figure out where you want to be. The Boyfriend Book will get you there. The possibilities for rebirth and reinvention are endless—but it’s ultimately up to you to make it all happen. This book will help you find a way to go forward that does not involve sideways.

Fans of Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, Her by Pierre Alex Jeanty, Whiskey Words and a Shovel by r.h. Sin, and The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace will love The Boyfriend Book.
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Útgefandi: Mango Media
Útgefið: 2019-01-15
ISBN: 9781633538474

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