Keto Vegan Diet: The Plant Based Solution to Lose Weight - Sarah Meyers

Keto Vegan Diet: The Plant Based Solution to Lose Weight

Keto Vegan Diet: The Plant Based Solution to Lose Weight

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Have you decided to start a healthier lifestyle but the call of junk food is stronger than your good intentions?

Do you keep looking in the mirror and see a body you don't want to have?

Today's society is bombarding us with junk food made from meat, protein and fats of animal origin, and you can't imagine how dangerous this could be for you. What they want to keep hidden, but which has now been amply demonstrated by important studies, is that omnivorous food is harmful to humans.

Instead, in veganism, any form of food that is obtained from an animal, including their flesh or their milk, or a non-plant living thing, is off-limits.

Veganism has closely been tied to human health, and it's a large part of why people are going vegan. The ethical boundaries around eating other living beings are a sore point for most other vegans, but the health benefits are not to be overlooked.

In this audiobook I will introduce you to what you can't find anywhere else. With a simple, critical and comprehensive approach, you will fully understand the great benefits you can have in terms of personal well-being and weight loss by gradually adopting a vegan diet.

Here are some of the chapters covered in this guide:

What is keto diet and how does it work?

The health benefits of following keto diet

What is veganism and the benefits of following it

How is it like combining keto and vegan diets

The foods to eat and those to avoid

Best Vegan Keto Supplements

Weight loss and keto lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on keto vegan diet

And so much more!

Now dive into this reading right away and I'm sure that, even if you think you can't leave the carnivorous diet, you'll find dozens of reasons to change your mind, right from the first chapter!
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Útgefið: 2019-12-19
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ISBN: 9781982796860

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