Hide and Sleep - Suzanne Pitner

Hide and Sleep

Hide and Sleep

3 3 5 Höfundur: Suzanne Pitner Lesari: Darakwon
Wise & Wide is a 6-level English reading program that consists of 60 books and each level is systematically divided by Lexile Ⓡ measures. The Lexile Ⓡ Framework for Reading is the most popular reading measuring system in American formal education curriculums and many English programs. Over 20 out of 50 states in the U. S. mark Lexile Ⓡ measures directly on students’ final report cards and over 300 well-known publishers adopt and use Lexile Ⓡ measures. Experience many kinds of readings written by professional writers from the U. S. and England. They used interesting topics that were carefully chosen after analyzing elementary curriculums from around the world including Korea, the U. S. , England, and Australia among many others.

Before Reading Sleep all winter long?! Have you heard of the word, “hibernation”? To put it simply, it means taking a “winter nap. ” Taking a winter nap means sleeping all winter long?! Yes, that’s right. Many animals sleep all winter long. You envy them, don’t you? In winter, animals find it hard to find food in nature and it is also hard for them to live in the cold weather. Taking a long winter nap is one of the ways that animals can survive by using the minimum amount of energy in a foodless and low temperature environment. During a winter nap, animals use the minimum amount of energy instinctively. Their hearts beat more slowly than usual and their body temperature is lower than usual. Before hibernating, they eat a lot to gain weight or they store food in their caves. There are animals that don’t wake up and sleep until spring comes. There are animals that wake up, eat the food that they had gathered during autumn and go back to sleep. Animals dig a hole in the mud or the earth, hide in a hole in a log or hide in a cave to prevent the enemies from intruding during their winter nap. Let’s find out more in the book. Summary A cute chipmunk Chip! Mother gives Chip a hard time because she asks him to eat more when he is already full. Chip doesn’t understand why he has to do so. Besides, Chip wants to go out to play hide-and-seek with his friends and have fun, but Mother and Father say that the cold winter is here now and soon he has to hide in a burrow and sleep. Then, how long should he sleep? One day? Or two days? No! Surprisingly he has to sleep all winter long. How can Mother and Father ask him to sleep all through the winter? He isn’t sleepy at all and he only wants to play. Chip plans to meet his friends first before he goes into his winter sleep. After getting permission, Chip goes out and finds his friends such as Black Bear, White Rabbit, Box Turtle, Green Frog, and Black Bat. Will Chip be able to meet his friends and have fun?
Tungumál: enska Flokkur: Barnabækur Seríur: Smart Readers - Wise & Wide 1: 1 Þýðandi:

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Útgefandi: Darakwon
Útgefið: 2018-02-01
Lengd: 21Mín
ISBN: 9788927761594

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