How to Become an Alpha Male: How to Dominate and Attract Women - Norton Ravin

How to Become an Alpha Male: How to Dominate and Attract Women

How to Become an Alpha Male: How to Dominate and Attract Women

3,89 9 5 Höfundur: Norton Ravin Lesari: Stephen Low
Instantly improve your attitude and adjust your behavior so that women will come to you!

So many men miss the point! They show off, they do everything they can to get results so that good-looking women approve of what they do, and they still don’t get the attention they seek. What are they doing wrong? I was like this, too. I never understood how a guy could show up and immediately have all kinds of women surrounding him. After all, I was nice, respectful, and sincerely interested in women. What did that guy have that I didn’t? Well, in this guide, you’ll see it the right way. You’ll understand the God-given or evolutionary (whatever you believe) traits that primates have with which they can have what and who they want and dominate the pack. Topics discussed in this audiobook include:

The most important traits of alpha and beta males and how they are different from each other
Which mentality to have and how to show confidence without arrogance
The main mistakes most beta males make and why they don’t get the girl, even when they’re rich, handsome, or have a huge six-pack
Misconceptions about alpha males, where the theory comes from, and how it applies to real life situations
Specific attitudes and social etiquette you should maintain in order to keep your cool and have others give you what you silently demand
The most direct, most important way to a woman’s heart, something that almost always works, no matter who it is
Are you ready to play the seduction game the right way and get rid of those beta male traits? Then go ahead and start listening!
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Útgefandi: A to Z Publishing
Útgefið: 2018-03-21
Lengd: 57Mín
ISBN: 9781987168150

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