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How to Write a Novella in a Week

How to Write a Novella in a Week

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If you want to learn how to write a novella quickly, then get this step by step guide.

- This book is different.

- This book is hard body.

This particular how to is specifically designed to open up alternate paths of thinking in one's brain.

In terms of writing a novella, as long as success is the end result, the methodologies utilized to reach fruition are not important. In other words, there is no strict set of guidelines mandatory for one to follow in order to wow the pundits. Traditional techniques are splendid. Unorthodox skills are fine, too.

Sometimes, it serves a purpose to be a rebel (with a cause). You must stand out as an author. There has to be certain things that distinguish your work from every other writer far and wide whether they be well known or a completely random average Joe from who knows where, U.S.A.

A surplus of originality spells good vibes to readers...literally...and figuratively! When it comes to writing a novella using a freelancing platform, the entire journey is your playground. Be honest. Be humble. Be concise. Be clear with your desires. As a freelance writer, you will be tasked with submitting proposal to clients for jobs you want to partake in.

A quick response rate is important in helping to build rapport with prospective employers. Clean, crisp samples are also vital to the process. Relatability is one of those intangibles that should simply not be done without.

If you're not then what are you? Read this guide to learn how to write a novella as a freelancer

About the Expert

Kristopher Trujillo has written countless novellas during his lifetime. They are his favorite form of writing aside from pure poetry. He writes novellas for leisure. He writes novellas to satisfy his hunger to become the greatest creator he can become. He writes novellas for money, sometimes.

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