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First Electric Guitar

First Electric Guitar

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What drives you to get your first electric guitar? Who inspires you to start playing?

For me, it was Metallica’s lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. I couldn’t imagine that it’s possible to play his solo, but… let’s go to your motivation!

According to Fender’s research, about 90% of beginner guitarists leaving their instruments on the shelves after the first year of playing. Well, but this year can bring something incredible in our lives. And these first steps must be cool. It’s so necessary to have fun and feel positive feedback from practicing at the beginning. You must love your first electric guitar to feel good. Your musical preferences might change during your initial education, most likely your musical vocabulary will grow faster than you can afford a new instrument. So, the first baby is something you have to fall in love with.

The world of electric guitars is for the geeks now-days. Search a little bit about this industry, you’ll be surprised that industry is struggling sometimes. Yes, electric guitar - is the live, natural instrument. You have to play it. It doesn’t play itself. If you want to buy an electric guitar, not a synth or software - you want to join the great world of the real culture. What is the future of electric guitars - I don’t know. But I strongly believe and know that learning to play electric guitar makes our life better and richer.

I wish all folks reading this book to be able to buy as many electric guitars as needed, but let’s focus on the one. Your first electric guitar.

Well, the universe of electric guitars is mature, a variety of instruments on the market is huge. However, the structure of this universe is pretty elegant and simple. We’ll be clear on that and why to buy at the beginning.

I’ve started as a student in classical guitar, music school graduated. Well, something deep inside always told me what I wanted more and different. I was too young when the first time I’ve discovered Metallica on my friend’s older brother’s cassette recorder! I can’t express how I was amazed! No surprise that later Kirk Hammett became my guitar hero. And still remains the one of the greatest on my own guitar Heroes Olympus (yes, not only Kirk)!

Well, I guess that there are multiple factors can influence you and inspire the start playing. Dive deep into your feelings, what’s where? My most powerful motivator - my Heroes. Who’s yours?

I recommend to read and watch as many materials about your guitar hero as possible before you get your guitar. Why? Because you’ll wish your Heroes electric guitar! It’s so powerful, feel this? Learn more and more about Hero and you’ll understand why Hero plays this instrument.

What’s interesting - at first glance, all electric guitars are the same instruments. Body, neck, can plugin into an amp and play with the effects - what else? The physics is the same - convert sound waves into electric. Where is the difference? I’d prefer to compare this case with cars. Let’s go and explore the difference!
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