Dark Pschoylogy - John Clark

Dark Pschoylogy

Dark Pschoylogy

3 2 5 Höfundur: John Clark Lesari: Byron Armstrong, Melvin Nickson
Do you dream about becoming a master of mind control? Do you want to protect yourself from brainwashing by becoming aware of the most effective techniques? Then you need to keep reading…

Whether we realize it or not, the human mind is highly malleable and can be programmed to do nearly anything. In the Milgram experiment of 1961, psychologist Stanley Milgram found astounding evidence for the moldable nature of the human mind. When influenced by a skilled authority figure, he found that his test subjects were willing to carry out shocking actions, many of which clashed with their personalities and most strikingly, their conscience.

In Dark Psychology, you’ll discover:

Step-by-step manipulation techniques to INSTANTLY advance your goals and aspirations. (These expert-designed practices will ensure you have the upper hand at all times!)

How to detect potential criminal behavior with the Dark Psychology Triad and NEVER become controlled by someone else again.

The six key principles of influence that are essential to getting anything you want.

How to use body language to establish control over any situation.

As a FREE bonus, you’ll also receive a chapter from Emotional Intelligence: Understand Your Emotions and Create Profound Relationships because we truly believe that with a firm grasp of your emotional state, no malicious outside force will ever be able to penetrate your mind again.

Even if you’re socially awkward, have no social influence whatsoever, or are continuously ignored by everyone around you, the extensive research behind this guide can ensure that you’ll learn all the secrets of the malleable human mind and how to compel anyone to do as you desire, employing the same techniques used by the world’s most influential people.

To access the powerful tools that have been mastered by businessmen and politicians, and finally unleash your staggering potential as a dark psychologist, scroll up and click ‘Add to Cart’ now.
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Útgefandi: Author's Republic
Útgefið: 2020-01-05
Lengd: 3Klst.
ISBN: 9781662122408

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