Clean Eating: A 15 Day Meal Plan of Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss - Sam Kuma

Clean Eating: A 15 Day Meal Plan of Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Clean Eating: A 15 Day Meal Plan of Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

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Are you looking to make your lifestyle healthier but don't know where to start? Our 15 day clean eating diet is the perfect answer.

The current trend in dieting that has taken the internet by storm is the clean eating diet. However, unlike various other "diet" trends, clean eating is much more than a fad diet. Clean eating is a healthy and refreshing lifestyle and not just another way of shedding those extra pounds. The best part about this diet is it can actually help you lose weight along with reducing risks of various chronic diseases and disorders. It will also help you to regain your vigor and improve your overall health.

So why get our audiobook?

A lot of clean eating books exist in the market, so why this one? What makes it better as compared to the others out there? Well, simply this audiobook is well researched and has well-planned, tested, and tasted recipes and a 15-day meal plan that will make it easier for you to follow through your diet.

The objective of the audiobook was to collect and present clean recipes to keep your taste buds happy and your tummy cheerful. I believe I was successful in this mission and can successfully welcome you to the world of clean eating. The meal plan consists of a new breakfast recipe, a fresh snack recipe, and two separate meals that you can eat and lose weight.

The audiobook is easy to refer to and features an in-depth index. The directions of the recipes are simple, clear, and easy to follow so that even a beginner can cook them easily. I have tried to include recipes that can be made by almost everyone including college students, housewives, chefs, etc.
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Útgefandi: Author's Republic
Útgefið: 2020-07-01
Lengd: 1Klst. 25Mín
ISBN: 9781662126390

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