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Lectin Free Cookbook

Lectin Free Cookbook

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Have you been feeling strange pains lately and cannot pinpoint the source?
What if I told you that the plant-based foods in your diet may just be the culprit?

That's right! Many persons spend their energy, time and hard-earned money into supplements, specialty products and shakes. When they do so, they think their time and money are both well spent because they have gone the "healthy" way. But, suppose they are wrong? What if that way is not ACTUALLY healthy? This is the reason The Lectin Free Diet program was created by a famous doctor aiming to help in having a healthier population.

Lectins, like gluten, are vital proteins. They are produced by plants that act as a defense mechanism in a carbohydrate-binding process. Thus, lectins confer protection against insects, fungi, molds and other assaults they may be exposed to in their environment. Due to their agglutination ability, lectins are generally termed "agglutinins". And as most lectins are noticeably resistant to heat and digestion, there is widespread belief that they are likely hazardous in our bloodstream, too.

So, in this book Lectin Free Cookbook, you be introduced to a variety of information that will get you on the right track to cutting back on the amount of lectins in your diet.

This book will give you:

• A breakdown of Lectins & How it affects the human body
• A brief explanation of the relationship between Gluten, Inflammation &
Lectins • A guide to the living a Lectin Free life
• 60 delicious Lectin Free recipes with easy instructions and a nutritional breakdown of the number of calories, fat, protein, and carbs that they will add to your diet.
• And so much more!

With this book you will learn:

• What are Lectins
• Danger Foods to Avoid
• How to Successfully Incorporate Lectin Free foods into Your Diet
• Tip for Creating Lectin Free foods at Home
• And so much more!

Whether you have just started exploring the world of Lectin Free food or if you are simply seeking new enticing Lectin Free recipes, then, this Lectin Free Cookbook will give you the solutions to your problems.

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