Paleo Diet for Beginners - Emily Simmons

Paleo Diet for Beginners

Paleo Diet for Beginners

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If you want to lose weight and have a healthy body, Paleo Diet or Stone Age diet is your one stop solution. This book does not focus on teaching you how much to eat, instead it tells you what to eat. You do not have to starve yourself if you become a Paleo follower. You can indulge in meat, vegetables, cream and mayonnaise as much as you want and still remain healthy. Just with a few minor restrictions, Paleo allows you to experiment cooking to a height. So much so that you would start loving the concept itself and would never want to go back to your regular diet.

It is a summary of Paleo diet exploration with so many enticing recipes to energize your day and excite your palate.

This book consists of nutritious and healthy recipes that will lead you to an energetic and healthy lifestyle. When you read this book, you will come to know the advantages of many foods that were never known to you before. You will be able to gain control over your eating habits and your overall weight program.

Gluten is a combination of proteins, which gives the elastic texture to any dough. Dough rises because of gluten only and still retain its shape. The chewy texture of the final product of dough also comes due to gluten. Can you hear the sound of “glue” in “gluten”? It is a rarely known fact but gluten is not good for health at all. That is why the concept of Paleo comes to the fore. It gives you hundreds of substitutes to gluten that are amazingly delicious. You will not miss any of your previous cuisines after shifting to Paleo diet.
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Útgefið: 2018-10-27
ISBN: 6610000121113

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