The Twelve Gifts from the Garden - Charlene Costanzo

The Twelve Gifts from the Garden

The Twelve Gifts from the Garden

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The author of Opening the Gifts shares essays inspired by nature and the life lessons she learned while pausing to reflect during rough points in her life.

During a tropical storm. In the aftermath of chemotherapy. Amid marital discord. These are among the times author Charlene Costanzo found comfort, joy, hope, and healing in Sanibel Island’s botanical garden. She also learned a few things. Eventually she amassed a collection of wisdom from these experiences and now, she shares these insights with you.

If you look closely, plants sprout with willpower and bloom with determination. Drawing from the beautiful nature of trees and flowers, Charlene crafts garden-inspired messages from her experiences with healing and understanding. Inside, find quotes, reflections, and even bonus material: • Pen-and-ink line drawings with illustrations of flowers, leaves, and garden plants
• Charlene’s
Twelve Gifts • resource and lessons learned in the garden
• An epilogue from two other locales: Sedona, Arizona, and St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Each gift-from-the-garden message asks readers to imagine walking in the author’s sandals—or at least by her side—and try to perceive as she did. The journey is sometimes whimsical, often idealistic, and always encouraging. Charlene hopes that this book will ultimately enrich and empower readers as they journey through life in their own shoes.

Perfect for readers of Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Praise for The Twelve Gifts from the Garden

“With the wonder of a child, the introspection of a mature woman, and the wisdom of the elders, Charlene Costanzo inspires us to discover the hidden treasures of nature.” —Gloria Gaynor, Grammy Award–winning singer and author of I Will Survive: The Book and We Will Survive: True Stories of Encouragement, Inspiration, and the Power of Song

“This book is a feast, a dream, a wondrous adventure.” —Sherry Richert Belul, founder of Simply Celebrate and author of Say It Now

“A joyful read bursting with the beauty of nature and reflections of lessons learned in life . . . . Most mornings, reading her reflections gives me goosebumps because they are like having a cup of coffee with God . . . . This is a wonderful book to gift yourself and others!” —Gina La Benz, author of Anchor Moments: Hope, Healing, and Forgiveness
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Útgefandi: Mango Media
Útgefið: 2020-09-15
ISBN: 9781642503739

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