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Empath to Mystic

Empath to Mystic

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Empath to Mystic is a complete blueprint, guiding you to an internal source of confidence, strength, and mastery of your spiritual ability. On this journey you will transform:

~ Procrastination and a lack of motivation into passion and action.

~ Mental doubts into confidence and courage.

~ Overwhelm into mental clarity, and perspective.

~ Numbness and confusion into creativity that shines through a free and open heart.

As one reviewer wrote:

“Aaran is beloved for sharing such deep and personal wisdom. In all my years of self-discovery, I've never come across someone who understands exactly what I've gone through the way Aaran does and how to master a part of myself in such simple steps, through contemplation and journaling. Not only do I think this is a well-planned tutorial, but it truly comes from a place of love.”

Becoming a true mystic, you will learn that trying to distinguish between your thoughts and emotions and the thoughts and emotions of others is an endless, looping, and exhausting task and that there actually is no difference. You will go on a journey of emotional healing and understand why your unique empathic ability has awakened. You will embrace the profound messages you receive from your inner voice; finding the confidence to share those messages with the world.

em·path: a person who is awakening to the oneness of all beings and who has become aware of their ability to apprehend the mental and emotional states of others.

mys·tic: a person who has a spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect and who allows those truths to guide their life.

The world’s most well known modern mystics, from The Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra to Pema Chodron and Eckart Tolle emphasize the importance of practice when seeking connection with your authentic self. Therefore, while providing you with a detailed intellectual comprehension of your empathic and spiritual ability, Empath to Mystic also offers a practical guide to using it. It contains over 220 meditations, journaling prompts, and action steps that will help transform your life from the inside out.

Becoming a master of your inner voice and intuition is about so much more than getting clear answers to life’s questions or having a finely tuned instrument for manifestation. It is ultimately about awakening to the truth of yourself and knowing without question what your work is in the world. It is about self-love and absolute confidence in your intuition. It is about opening your heart and turning your intuition into a powerful tool that helps others.

Aaran and his book Empath to Mystic will illuminate the path to fearlessly being yourself and to living an abundant life that is a testimony of passion, freedom, and confidently ‘dancing to the beat of your own drum.’

Will you step up to reclaim your authentic vision, inner connection, silent receptivity, and purposeful creation?
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Útgefandi: Aaran Solh
Útgefið: 2019-01-21
Lengd: 7Klst. 11Mín
ISBN: 9781987174021

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