Screenwriting Secrets in Genre Film - Sally J. Walker

Screenwriting Secrets in Genre Film

Screenwriting Secrets in Genre Film

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“The more you know, the more you find out you don’t know” is the adage driving this book that can be tackled in an intense 12 week period; as explained by working screenwriter Sally J. Walker. After a succinct review of fundamentals, eleven cinematic concept divisions are examined then exemplified in eleven movie genres. Some areas are the do’s and don’ts of plotting, scene structure and sequencing, subplot development, characterization for Character Arc and casting, succinct dialogue, and importance of visuals. The essential needs of the genres outlined include Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Juvenile, Horror, Romance, Western, Historical, Action-Adventure, and Inspirational. Exercises are intended to motivate readers to write beyond formula yet maintain appeal to audience expectations. The list of 22 recommended films should be bought or rented to participate completely in the informative process. Are they absolutely necessary? No, but you will short-change your education by not analyzing them with Sally’s explanations. Exercises and assignments will allow the driven writer to step-by-step complete his or her own screenplay if committed to the assignments. By the conclusion of the book, readers will also understand the how’s and why’s of pulling elements from other genres to enrich a story for cross-genre appeal.

What the Reviewers say ...
“Sally Walker’s Screenwriting Secrets in Genre Film is a comprehensive, valuable resource that can benefit writers of many different levels. There are useful tips, strategies, examples, and recommendations throughout.”
—Stephanie Palmer, former MGM executive and CEO of Good in a Room

“I wish that I had material like this for those hungry young minds who moved beyond screenwriting fundamentals in my previous years at UCLA. Sally has struck upon a very unique process of presenting both concepts and the essence of specific genres then actually pointing them out in exemplary films. She presents both the why and the how in a most insightful manner. The whole book motivates the writer who truly wants to create more than one script. There is not one course or book out there like this, including my own 434. Not only new writers, but the entire film industry needs this book.”
—Lew Hunter, Chair Emeritus-Professor at UCLA’s Film Department,
Former NBC Program Director
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