Brave Deeds: A Novel - David Abrams

Brave Deeds: A Novel

Brave Deeds: A Novel

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From the author of Fobbit: “A stirring, sardonic war story … Mordantly funny and harrowing … Reminiscent of such classic war novels as Catch-22” (Tampa Bay Times).

A Military Times Best Book of 2017, Brave Deeds is a compelling novel of war, brotherhood, and America. Spanning eight hours, the novel follows a squad of six AWOL soldiers as they attempt to cross war-torn Baghdad on foot to attend the funeral of their leader, Staff Sergeant Rafe Morgan. As the men make their way to the funeral, they recall the most ancient of warriors yet are a microcosm of twenty-first-century America, and subject to the same human flaws as all of us. Drew is reliable in the field but unfaithful at home; Cheever, overweight and whining, is a friend to no one—least of all himself; and platoon commander Dmitri “Arrow” Arogapoulos is stalwart, yet troubled with questions about his own identity and sexuality. Emotionally resonant, true-to-life, and thoughtfully written, Brave Deeds is a gripping story of combat and of perseverance, and an important addition to the oeuvre of contemporary war fiction.

“Earnest and affecting … The soldiers are foulmouthed, sex-obsessed and fiercely loyal for reasons they can’t quite articulate—in other words, packed with young American male authenticity. Abrams’s prose is relaxed and conversational, with a few scattered literary nuggets that add heft, like chunks of beef in a vegetable soup… . The mash-up works, and Abrams’s voice is clear and strong. ” —Brian Castner, The Washington Post

“Outstanding … With a little bit of humor and bumbling grace, these six soldiers magnify what is both beautiful and despairing about the American military. ” —Missoulian
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