The Extractor Series: Books 1-3 - Mike Ryan

The Extractor Series: Books 1-3

The Extractor Series: Books 1-3

0 0 5 Höfundur: Mike Ryan Lesari: Edoardo Ballerini
Get the first 3 books in one collection by USA Today Bestselling Author Mike Ryan.

The Extractor

When governments won’t help, when the police are out of leads, and when people are out of answers, there’s only one man left they can turn to. The Extractor.

Luke Bridge is a former CIA agent and his clients current last hope. Whether the job is a rescue mission, finding a kidnapped victim, or returning stolen property, he’s got the skills to get the job done. He restores hope to a hopeless situation.

Past Dead

Bridge and Nicole are hired to find five million dollars worth of missing diamonds. Their search for the missing diamonds take them to Los Angeles, Brazil, and finally Puerto Rico and puts them in direct conflict with a major drug operation, the leader of which is suspected of stealing the jewels.

But all is not what it seems, and after coming up empty in their search, Bridge and Nicole have to pivot with their suspects. Maybe the thief has been much closer to them all along.

Pressure Point

Bridge and Nicole take up the case of a missing woman. After getting hired by the woman’s sister, Bridge and Nicole quickly determine this is not just another missing persons case. There are a number of women who have disappeared in similar circumstances.

As they investigate, they follow the trail to Europe, where they mix it up with an international sex trafficking ring, and find more than they bargained for. Will they find the woman they’re looking for? Or will they be too late?
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Útgefandi: Ryan Publishing
Útgefið: 2021-03-11
Lengd: 13Klst. 26Mín
ISBN: 9781664973909

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