The Forty-Plus Entrepreneur - Gary S. Goodman

The Forty-Plus Entrepreneur

The Forty-Plus Entrepreneur

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At age 90, Jack Smiley wasn't thrilled with the community in which he retired so he built his own. Today, it provides him with a net income of $40,000 each month.
Famously, KFC's 65 year-old Kentucky Colonel Harlan Sanders supplemented a paltry social security check by franchising his unique recipe for fried poultry.
Past 50, McDonald's Ray Kroc made a similar trek in multiplying by many thousands a few popular, golden-arched hamburger stands from San Bernardino, California.
Contrary to popular mythology, entrepreneurship is NOT spearheaded mostly by baby-faced, technology-savvy, post-adolescents whose brands include Facebook and Apple. According to a recent study fully 80% of ALL businesses are started-up by people over 35.
Amy Groth of the Business Insider cites these reasons that fortune favors the old: First, older entrepreneurs have more life and work experience. In some cases, they have decades of industry expertise -- and a better understanding of what it truly takes to compete, and succeed, in the business world. Second, they also have much broader and vaster networks. Even if an older entrepreneur is seeking to start a business in an entirely different industry, they have deep connections from all walks of life -- for example, a brother-in-law could be the perfect COO. Third, those over 50 have acquired more wealth, a better credit history (which helps with securing loans), and are smarter with their finances.
In this special program from best-selling author, Gary Goodman, you'll discover:
• Supporters are everywhere: Your age cohort Is the wealthiest!
• Now is the time to cash-in your wisdom.
• Overcoming false beliefs and self-sabotage: Why the only person holding you back is you.
• The Giraffe Syndrome: Why the first step is the scariest.
• Busting age myths: “Nobody will work with me at my age!”, “My best years are behind me”, “It takes money to make money”, “I don't have the energy I used to have”, and more.
• Profiles in Prosperity: Meet mature moneymakers Colonel Sanders, Ray Kroc & more.
• Best businesses to start after 40: How originals & copycats prosper.
• How to summon boundless energy: Martial arts secrets of maturing warriors.
• Where to find help: Courting those that have gone there & conquered.
• Action planning: How to transition into your own successful business.
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Útgefandi: Gildan Media
Útgefið: 2015-02-01
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ISBN: 9781469060248

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