Road Games

0 0 5 Höfundur: Scott Spaxckey
A collection of six short stories with a travel theme; a perfect companion for the train, the plane or road trip. Road Games happen on the road, in the air, the open sea and in the uncharted territory where the twilight meets the horizon.

Odd & sensual occurrences,

Sociopaths & surreal happenings.

1. Vanishing Point: leads the way as an old and eccentric couple drive to the end of the road.

2. Instruments of Torture: takes us to the Caribbean where two mobsters thrill in creative ways of torturing captors that include garage tools, cooking condiments and deep sea predators. Will Brad give in to the torture and tell them where the sexy Kate is with the stolen money? Does he even know where she is?

3. The Back in the Back: Nine year old Brian teases and torments other travelers of the road, until one day he is tormented to trauma as the sole witness to a psychopath's rampage of murder with a carpooling fetish.

4. Skyline: Dynamic, in love and enveloped in their own secret world we walk the canals of Naples but in Long Beach CA! This ethereal duo talk about life and mystery; an entertaining and well crafted anecdote not really about anything at all. A bit of long form poetry with an enigma: are these two immortal beings? Extraterrestrials? Phantoms from another dimension? Readers enjoy the dimensional feeling of this pleasant, romantic episode.

5. Over Your Shoulder: reminds us to never look back as a man escapes harrowing disaster at 35,000 feet on his flight home, only to have the terror truly begin upon landing.

6. Luzia Blanco: A Sensual adventure of vacation in Mexico. Mishaps on a cruise ship, high speed driving, exotic dancers and a shoot out at the tavern.

7. Country Killer: Ben and Melanie are sweet newlyweds with an adorable young son, Benny Jr. and a baby on the way. Ben takes a cross-country trucker job to provide for his new family, bonding with a fellow trucker as they try to stay one mile ahead of the Country Killer.

8. Another Perspective: The old and peculiar couple from Vanishing Point close the collection with another surreal experience in Another Perspective.
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Útgefandi: Primordial Productions
Útgefið: 2018-07-15
ISBN: 9781912643813

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