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Instant Friendship

Instant Friendship

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How to Make Friends Instantly!
It's the weekend...finally! You've made it! You've been working long and hard all week, and now you're ready to unwind. Just as you're about to enjoy yourself, that feeling of accomplishment turns into disappointment almost immediately as you get depressed.
Why is that? It's because you have no friends! How come?
It could be because you never really were the extroverted type growing up with the opportunity to develop your social skills; you and your friends have grown apart due to time or new life priorities; or perhaps you have just relocated without knowing anybody and have to rebuild your social circle from scratch.
As much as you would still like to go out, you're afraid to go out by yourself feeling the dreaded social anxiety and from not knowing how to meet and make friends!
So rather than going out - you stay in being glued to Netflix, wasting time on Facebook, and wishing you could be a part of that!
Thus, the real questions we should be asking: Are you feeling sick and tired of being lonely not having anybody to hang out with? Are you secretly envious of other people who are always out and having fun?
If you ARE, you can develop instant friendships now!
Within "Instant Friendship":
* How to determine your current friendability level in order to calibrate your social interaction in making friends.
* How to meet new people and where to meet them with all the friendly tricks of the trade that you'll need.
* How to maintain your friendships once they're established so all the effort put into them don't go to waste.
* Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises on how to get friends.
...and much more.
Now it's the time to STOP feeling like you're missing out on life, trapped indoor to your loneliness while everybody else is out creating memorable great times with their friends. Experience that now!
Reclaim and live the good life now! Time for you to make new friends!
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Útgefandi: Instant Series Publication
Útgefið: 2019-05-23
Lengd: 51Mín
ISBN: 9781982732196

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