Wisdom On … Friends, Dating, and Relationships - Mark Matlock

Wisdom On … Friends, Dating, and Relationships

Wisdom On … Friends, Dating, and Relationships

3,75 4 5 Höfundur: Mark Matlock Lesari: Adam Black
From being a good friend to dating relationships to handling conflicts in your everyday life, Wisdom On … Friends, Dating, and Relationships combines the insights of Proverbs with real-life examples and experiences within short, quick chapters that make it easy to apply wisdom to every decision you make.

Relationships are a huge part of your life—and when they go wrong for whatever reason, it can be heart wrenching. In this addition to the Wisdom On … series, author Mark Matlock mixes stories based on his own experiences with breakdowns of the book of Proverbs to help you keep your friendships and dating relationships healthy, as well as better interact with your family and the people you see every day. While there is no magic formula, the short chapters on making and keeping friends, the friendships to value, tips on what to look out for in friends and potential romantic partners—as well as interactive activities and personal inventories to help you apply each chapter directly to your life—give you tools to avoid unnecessary conflicts and become wise in managing each relationship you have.

Wisdom On … Friends, Dating, and Relationships:
is a great resource for youth groups and small group study, as well as individual useprovides advice and time-tested insights that teens can use their entire liveslooks at broader topics like loneliness, sex, what to do when friendships change, and how we can be perceived by othersis part of a wider Wisdom On … series that includes books on making good decisions, getting along with parents, growing in Christ, and managing time and money
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Útgefandi: Zondervan
Útgefið: 2010-02-02
Lengd: 1Klst. 12Mín
ISBN: 9780310772279

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