Outdoor Activities: Become a Practical Backpacker and Camper - Wesley Jones

Outdoor Activities: Become a Practical Backpacker and Camper

Outdoor Activities: Become a Practical Backpacker and Camper

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Book 1: Camping Tips - Many people have no clue what to do when they’re camping. When this is the case, it can turn into a boring, frustrating downgrade from a hotel room, or even your own home. But camping can be fun and interesting in a variety of ways. Learn to make the most of your experience in nature and become a super camper! In this book, we’ll discuss several topics, such as:

-Fun activities to engage in when you are camping.
-Getting ready for the trip by taking the right supplies.
-A list of items and tips to make your camping experience easier.
-How to get your children ready for camping and get them excited about it before and during the trip.
-Ways to stay clean, avoid negative aspects, and be closer to nature.
-Delicious camping recipes.

Book 2: Backpacking - A handy guide to make your backpacking journey better!

It has become possible for a larger group of people: To travel the entire world with a single backpack, some items, and a limited amount of money. Some people still show off their income when travelling, but even with a low budget, “backpacking” is an affordable, doable way of living. And yes, you can also make money online while doing it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you some of the best ways to:

-Pack your backpack to maximize space
-Find the most popular destinations in the world for backpackers
-Go on a hike, and make sure you don’t get any physical problems
-Discover if a hostel is for you and which hostels to look for
-Find better deals on AirBNB and negotiate with the ones who rent their rooms
-Avoid scams and tourist traps backpackers sometimes come across in different countries
-Meet other likeminded backpackers you can socialize with
-Get some photography tips for your trips
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Útgefið: 2019-08-12
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