Trade Like a Pro: 20 Winning Stock Market Strategies That Will Make You Rich - Boris Timm

Trade Like a Pro: 20 Winning Stock Market Strategies That Will Make You Rich

Trade Like a Pro: 20 Winning Stock Market Strategies That Will Make You Rich

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Trade Like A Pro – How To Grow Your Wealth With Winning Stock Market Strategies!

Have you always wanted to become a successful trader?

If the stock market looks like the green digital code from The Matrix, don’t worry!

You are about to discover the fool-proof starter guide for traders and change your financial future once and for all!

Here’s The Perfect How-To Guide For The Ambitious Novice Trader.

Get the same results as the pros themselves in no time at all!

Today’s markets are fast moving and ever shifting. Trading can be a complicated and daunting business for the novice trader. But with this book in hand, you’ll be given key strategies with which to conquer the markets.

What’s In It For You?

• Acquire a new skill that will help you pursue your financial dreams
• Get the inside track for stock market success
• Learn all the secrets of stock market trading from a successful trader
• Discover a whole new world of investment and wealth-building opportunities
• Understand how to grow your wealth by implementing winning stock trade strategies

Trading is littered with hard to understand lingo and advice, but here you’ll find that terminology is explained and strategies used by the pros themselves are broken down into easy-to-understand – and more importantly, follow - steps.

With straight forward wording you’ll learn strategies such as:
• Gap Trading
• CFD Trading
• Leverage
• Offshore Carry Trading
• Trading Halt
… and many more.

Just because you’re starting out doesn’t mean you have to fail.

Become a canny trader, stand out from the crowd, and boost the digits in your Forex account with ‘Trade Like a Pro’ by Boris Timm, author of the eye-opening books ‘A Simple Guide to Investing in Turnaround Stocks’, ‘Options Trading Basics Explained’ and ‘Winning with Growth Stock Funds’.
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