Bean Sprouts Kitchen

Bean Sprouts Kitchen

Bean Sprouts Kitchen


Bean Sprouts Kitchen brings the magic behind Bean Sprouts’ award-winning kids’ café menu to parents, kids, and chefs of all ages. The cookbook features tried-and-true tips for making mealtime hip and healthy with 60 creative and wholesome recipes that families will love to prepare and eat!

Perfect for picky and adventurous eaters alike, Bean Sprouts Kitchen shares simple, smile-worthy ideas for dishes packed with protein, fruits, and veggies, including:

• Grilledzilla: healthy and goofy grilled cheese

• Crocamole: “croc” pot of avocado hummus and veggie dippers

• Spaceadilla: quesadilla propelled by pepper flames and jicama stars

• Do-Re-For-Me: musical munchie that won “Best Kids’ Meal in the U. S. ” (Nat’l. Rest. Assoc. )

• Broctopus: broccoli-based veggie tot with eight veggie tot legs

• Daredeviled Eggs: deviled eggs with kale chip capes

• Dino S’mores: wholesome dino grahams with chocolate tarpits and fruity fillings

Co-authors Shannon Seip and Kelly Parthen serve millions of visitors through their Bean Sprouts cafés in family destinations like children’s museums, science centers, amusement parks, zoos, and national parks. Based on the whimsical and wholesome kids’ menus from their cafes, Shannon and Kelly are experts in making healthy food fun. The new Bean Sprouts Kitchen cookbook captures their 10+ years of insight and their unique approach, including:'

1. Clean Ingredients: All recipes adhere to quality ingredient guidelines. In short: no artificial anything—no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

2. Allergy-friendly Options: Bean Sprouts is known for its allergy-friendly approach. The recipes in Bean Sprouts Kitchen can accommodate nearly every dietary need, with ingredient alternatives and flexible recipes.

3. Kid and Parent-approved: Bean Sprouts Kitchen features recipe themes around what kids love—from race cars and pets to building blocks and tutus—with healthy ingredients that make parents happy. Additional recipes are inspired by Bean Sprouts’ family destination locations (amusement parks, science centers, etc. )— from edible Roller Toasters to UFOats energy balls.

4. Child Involvement: Shannon and Kelly know that getting kids to try new tastes and eat healthy foods can be tricky and frustrating. But studies have shown that the more playful an item and the more hands-on children can be in the food prep process, the more likely they are to try something new.

The book’s recipes are simple enough for children to join in the prep.

Add some whimsy to your healthy family cooking with Bean Sprouts Kitchen.


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