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Room for Improvement: The Post-College Girl's Guide to Roommate Living

Höfundur: Amy Zalneraitis Rafbók

If you've ever lived with a roommate, you're all too familiar with the dark side of splitting rent: your favorite lipstick mysteriously gone missing, dishes left "soaking" in the sink for a week, and far-too-intimate noises coming from the adjacent bedroom as you desperately try to sleep.
But roommate resentment doesn't have to become a pattern. A comprehensive and sassy guide to roommate living for post-college women, Room for Improvement explains how a little cooperation can lead to smoother cohabitation. Harnessing her own and others' experiences, Amy Zalneraitis delivers essential roommate dos and don'ts, hilarious (and often horrifying) anecdotes, and invaluable tips from experts, and covers such sanity-saving topics as: • Checks and Imbalances: Keeping Financial Friction at Bay
• Idiosyncrasies or Idiosyncrazies? There's Eccentric, and Then There's Psychotic
• Dust Bunnies Are Not Real Pets: What to Do with a Filthy Roommate
• Is That My Underwear You're Wearing? Sharing Clothes Without Exchanging Blows

...and much, much more. Candid and laugh-out-loud funny, Room for Improvement will help you iron out existing roommate problems, prevent future ones, and, just as important, spot and address bad roommate behavior in yourself.

© 2010 Gallery Books (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781416959267

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