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Teresa of Watling Street: A Fantasia on Modern Themes

Höfundur: Arnold Bennett Rafbók

Teresa of Watling Street was inspired by the author Arnold Bennett's own move to Trinity Hall Farm, Bedfordshire, on Watling Street, where his father died. Bennett presents an absorbing tale of finance and revenge, told from the perspective of a private detective who gets mixed up in all sorts of thrilling events. The strong characterization and engaging storyline make this work one of the most beloved works of Bennett. Excerpt from Teresa of Watling Street "Since money is the fount of all modern romantic adventure, the City of London, which holds more money to the square yard than any other place in the world, is the most romantic of cities. This is a profound truth, but people will not recognise it. There is no more prosaic person than your bank clerk, who ladles out romance from nine to four with a copper trowel without knowing it. "

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