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11Klst. 12Mín

The End of a Journey

Höfundur: Grace Thompson Lesari: Anne Cater Hljóðbók

Zena Martin and her brother, Greg, are content with their lives and plans for their future: Zena and Jake Williams are about to announce their engagement, and Greg hopes to persuade Rose Conelly to meet his family and begin the next stage of their relationship. Then their father dies suddenly and secrets come to light that change everything. Zena begins to doubt her happiness with the kind-hearted Jake when his generosity is more for others than for her. Greg is distressed when Rose leaves the town without any explanation. But it is their mother's secret that is hardest to understand. And when everything is revealed and explanations are offered, what will be left of their once optimistic future?

© 2015 Soundings (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781407954561

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