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The Power Bowl Recipe Book: 140 Nutrient-Rich Dishes for Mindful Eating

Höfundur: Britt Brandon Rafbók

Make your meals work for you!

Power bowls are the newest nutritional trend--and for good reason. These versatile dishes are all about macronutrients and are packed with whole, nutrient-dense foods that are filling, satisfying, and completely free of empty calories and processed and refined foods. Best of all, the wholesome ingredients can be mixed, matched, and combined to create delicious meals that provide specific health benefits.

Inside, you'll find 140 delicious power bowl recipes created to deliver specific nutrients that provide fourteen different health benefits, including bowls for: • Pre- and Post-Workout
• Weight Loss
• Cleanses and Detox
• Better Immunity
• A Healthy Heart
• Reduced Inflammation
• Better Digestion
• Anti-Aging
• And More!
With detailed nutrition information and a gorgeous photo for every recipe, The Power Bowl Recipe Book is the first step on the road to ultimate health!

© 2017 Adams Media (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781507200599

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