Being Married - Dr. Laurie Weiss

Being Married

Being Married

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Are You Ready to Discover Secrets About Marriage Women Need to Know but Seldom Share? Marriage doesn't come with a manual! Once you get married there are always surprises. When dozens of women shared answers to the question, "What do you wish you had known before you were married?" they discovered they had lots in common.

What they shared in Being Married: Secrets Women Wish They Knew will help you have a happier and more satisfying marriage!

-Would you like to avoid the heartbreak of making poor choices?
-Do you know what triggers you should NEVER ignore - before or after you're married?
-Can you tell the difference between his culture and values and yours?

Learning that the fairy tales about marriage are usually not the truth is especially important for women contemplating getting or staying married.
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Editore: Empowerment Systems Books
Pubblicato: 2019-07-15
Durata: 3H 46Min
ISBN: 9781987184747

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