Are You My Perfect Partner? - Dr. Laurie Weiss

Are You My Perfect Partner?

Are You My Perfect Partner?

2 2 5 Scritto da: Dr. Laurie Weiss Letto da: Dr. Laurie Weiss
Are You Ready to Get Married?

Struggling to decide if this is the right man? Wondering if this is the right time and if you will ever really find your soul mate? Find the answers to these critical questions in Are You My Perfect Partner: To Marry or Not to Marry …. Avoid making a huge mistake.

Do you wish you knew:
-If you should want to get married
-What it’s like to be married
-Is he the right one for you to marry

If you're serious about wanting to make the best possible decision, if you want a satisfying and fulfilling marriage, and if you want to avoid becoming a divorce statistic, you’ll need the answers in this book.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Non-fiction Serie: The Secrets of Happy Relationships Series: 1 Traduttore:

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Editore: Empowerment Systems Books
Pubblicato: 2019-07-04
Durata: 1H 14Min
ISBN: 9781949400083

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