Brokenhearted Parents - Sharon L. Grinder

Brokenhearted Parents

Brokenhearted Parents

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Brokenhearted Parents is for Christian parents who want to heal, deal with, and find spiritual help with the serious pain and hurt they are feeling because of their adult child's choices. Their child's choices can lead to a breakage in the relationship between them and/or God and cause great feelings of grief, frustration, and pain. Some of these choices have caused the child to pull away or leave. Christians know that God intends for them to grow through their hard experiences. But how do they do that? This book is to help parents analyze their feelings by studying the views of God, themselves, and their child. Through this they can process these feelings, come to a deeper level in their walk with God, and find more ways to express the love they have for their child. This book leads them by reading the twelve short devotionals, answering questions, and journaling both in writing and drawing. Parents will also find song references, extra scripture references, and a daily devotional idea they can format for their own use.
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Editore: Resource Publications
Pubblicato: 2014-12-02
ISBN: 9781498201537

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