Dying and Deliverance - Gary E. Gilthvedt

Dying and Deliverance

Dying and Deliverance

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The purpose of this book is a search for understanding of Paul's witness about the distinction between the Word of God as Law, and the Word of God as Gospel. To some this may sound strange. But the Letter to the Galatians, direct from the Apostle to one of the churches he founded, manifests the tension between law and gospel, along with their respective functions and unique purposes in the life of the church. The tension comes to light in Galatians 2:19. Paul preaches the tension's result, cast in terms of dying in relation to one side of the tension (law), and living in relation to the other (gospel). The Apostle's instruction responded to the conflicted life of the Galatian church. Now his message about the supremacy of God's redemptive act in the crucified Christ comes to us in our own time and throughout our own conflicted journey. Paul's message is a word on target for people whose religious struggle is, at bottom, theological and spiritual. This is the focal point of the book, Dying and Deliverance. Grace and peace to you in your study, and most of all, deliverance!
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Editore: Wipf and Stock
Pubblicato: 2015-12-30
ISBN: 9781498229197

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