The Sorceress

2 1 5 Scritto da: Allison Hobbs
Allison Hobbs returns to the graphically sensual, paranormal world of The Enchantress—in this sexy and suspense-laced tale.

Jennifer Darnell accepts a nanny position with one of affluent Philadelphia’s most powerful political families. Ethan, the little boy in her charge, has been diagnosed as autistic, but his sinister behavior has Jen suspecting that the child is truly evil. And after sighting a naked woman running across a bridge in broad daylight, Jen is convinced she’s losing her mind. But when one handsome police officer admits to seeing the woman, too, he and Jen attempt to unravel the mystery as an electric attraction sparks between them. But the strange happenings around them only get stranger when it’s revealed that the naked woman is no human woman at all—but a ghost.

Before the ghost spotting, there is unforeseen trouble in the beautiful and idyllic Goddess Realm, where endless joy, love, and unrestrained sex abounds. Tara, the goddess of compassion, unwittingly upsets the balance of nature when she convinces the goddess council that her wicked sister, Eris, has been reformed and deserves a second chance.

But evil never dies when the desire for lust and revenge has been left unsatisfied. The fallen goddess Eris has been languishing on the Dark Realm. Yearning for revenge against the Stovall family—especially young daughter Kali—she escapes her hellish holding place and goes on a destructive crusade using her powers of deception and sexual deviance. All that can stop her is someone or something of equal power—who will face down unstoppable Eris in order to save Kali and other innocents?
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

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Editore: Strebor Books
Pubblicato: 2010-05-17
ISBN: 9781416577539

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