From Disgrace to Dignity - Clemens Bartollas

From Disgrace to Dignity

From Disgrace to Dignity

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From Disgrace to Dignity: Redemption in the Life of Willie Rico Johnson examines the life of Rico Johnson who became the head of the Conservative Vice Lords, one of the largest street gangs in the United States. In addition to highlighting his life, this work considers how redemption has affected his life. In addition, Minister Rico is identified as a Godfather. Much like the Godfathers found in organized crime families, Rico sees himself as providing a positive force to Vice Lords' gang members. On one hand, what this involves is taking care of their needs (he feeds 150 families a day) and, on the other hand, providing guidance and direction for members' lives.
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Editore: Cascade Books
Pubblicato: 2019-01-14
ISBN: 9781532647161

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