Muslim Faith and Values - Robert A. Hunt

Muslim Faith and Values

Muslim Faith and Values

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"Christians are called to love Muslims in all their little particularities." This was the advice Duncan Black MacDonald, famous scholar of Islam and teacher of missionaries to Muslim lands, gave to his students. His words from a hundred years ago remain true today. This book invites the reader to explore Islam as a human religion, a religion embodied in what Muslims believe and value. Learning about Islam through the beliefs and values that Muslims hold, the reader will be prepared to engage in fruitful conversation with Muslim neighbors, and better understand their struggles and aspirations. Along the way the reader will learn about Muhammad and the Qur'an, discover the rich history of Islamic civilizations, and learn the ways contemporary Muslims confront the challenges of the modern world. The reader will meet poets, mystics, theologians, and everyday people living out their response to God's call to Islam, to submission and peace, and will compare Muslim beliefs to Christian beliefs, learning how they coincide and differ. By the end the reader will have a richer understanding of Muslims and the religion of Islam, and will have explored the most fruitful ways to relate to the Muslim neighbors they are obliged to love.
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Editore: Cascade Books
Pubblicato: 2019-10-18
ISBN: 9781532663123

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