Jesus in Muslim-Christian Conversation - Mark Beaumont

Jesus in Muslim-Christian Conversation

Jesus in Muslim-Christian Conversation

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Jesus is a revered messenger of God for Muslims and Lord and Savior for Christians. How can Muslims and Christians relate to each other when this figure from the past attracts them yet drives them apart? Jesus is the very center of the Christian faith, but for Muslims he is a faithful witness to God, who is central to Islam. In the twenty-first century, is it possible for Muslims and Christians to relate to each other around him?

This book is an attempt to bring together two representative voices from Muslim and Christian communities to talk about Jesus. Ibrahim is a Sunni Sufi Muslim who has studied Christianity and has been active as an academic in the Western world. Paul is an Evangelical Protestant who has lived in the Muslim world and has been engaged in teaching religious studies in the West. The conversation begins with the conception of Jesus and ends with his return from heaven and deals with his earthly work in between. His miraculous activity, his teaching, and the titles he has been given are considered in detail, and differences over the ending of Jesus' life are debated.
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Editore: Cascade Books
Pubblicato: 2018-03-01
ISBN: 9781532613555

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