Remembering the Covenants in Song - Young-Sam Won

Remembering the Covenants in Song

Remembering the Covenants in Song

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In biblical and theological studies, fresh perspectives and novel approaches can breathe new life into familiar subjects. Remembering the Covenants in Song reconsiders the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenant relationship through the unique biblical and canonical lens of a postexilic song. In Psalm 105, the psalmist's intriguing intertextual engagement with both of Israel's great covenant traditions provides a rare glimpse into the covenant-understanding of a postexilic biblical writer interacting with the Torah.

Remembering the Covenants in Song entails an intertextual study of Psalm 105 that brings the psalmist's rhetorical design and covenant references into a dialogue with the Torah's seminal covenant texts. The examination of the psalmist's use of covenant references and allusions represents an innovative approach to assessing the rhetorical significance of intertextuality in biblical writings.
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Editore: Wipf and Stock
Pubblicato: 2019-08-20
ISBN: 9781532681202

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