The Everything Pre-Diabetes Cookbook - Gretchen Scalpi

The Everything Pre-Diabetes Cookbook

The Everything Pre-Diabetes Cookbook

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The delicious way to reverse your diabetes risk!

A diagnosis of pre-diabetes doesn't mean that diabetes is inevitable. Changing your diet and activity level can help you avoid type 2 diabetes altogether. In The Everything Pre-Diabetes Cookbook, you'll find more than 300 recipes for delicious, healthy meals the whole family will love. Also included is a 10-week diet and exercise plan that will help you lower your diabetes risk.

Registered dietitian Gretchen Scalpi has compiled 300 meals that are as tasty as they are healthy, including: • Berry puff pancakes
• Fresh baja guacamole
• Chipotle chicken wrap
• Stir-fried ginger scallops with vegetables
• Homemade macaroni and cheese
• Rich and creamy sausage-potato soup
• Chocolate cheesecake mousse
• Cranberry pecan biscotti

Armed with this expert guide, you can recognize your unhealthy eating habits, find new healthier ways to prepare your favorite dishes, and stop diabetes in its tracks!
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Editore: Everything
Pubblicato: 2014-06-11
ISBN: 9781440572241

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