Voices from the Heart of God’s Inspired Word - Allan Martling

Voices from the Heart of God’s Inspired Word

Voices from the Heart of God’s Inspired Word

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These 150 meditations are paraphrases of our common human experience and therefore a way of uniting our divisive world. We find three voices providing food for our journey. The Mortal voice speaks of loss, rejection, honesty, faithfulness, integrity, discovery, joy, and God's continuing presence in it all. The Mediator voice is at times teacher, then mentor, and often narrator. In a very inspiring way, the voice of God is a feminine voice, Mother (El Shaddai, the Hebrew breasted God; womb of our being). Take one meditation a day, in a quiet place, if possible. Chew and savor as nourishment for your mind and soul.
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Editore: Resource Publications
Pubblicato: 2011-01-03
ISBN: 9781498274005

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