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Frommer's Bangkok day by day

Frommer's Bangkok day by day

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Giant, sprawling Bangkok, the most heavily-visited city on earth, is a treasure trove of palaces, museums and Buddhist shrines, superb shopping (for every conceivable product and gift), famous hotels and outstanding restaurants and street food. It also is one of the world’s most difficult cities to navigate, so we employed Mick Shippen, who has lived in and reported on Bangkok for the past decade, to create this innovative book. Combining maps, photos and detailed itineraries it helps visitors plan their time in the most efficient, smart and fun ways possible. The book includes:
• Chapters on the best of Bangkok in one, two, or three days
• Thematic, self-guided tours for every interest, schedule, and taste
• Walking tours of the city's best-loved neighborhoods
• Hundreds of evocative photos
• Bulleted maps that show you how to get from place to place
• Candid, opinionated hotel, restaurant, shopping, and nightlife reviews for all budgets
• A tear-resistant foldout map—enclosed in a handy plastic wallet you can also use for tickets and souvenirs
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Editore: FrommerMedia
Pubblicato: 2016-06-18
ISBN: 9781628872392

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