Bees Make the Best Pets - Jack Mingo

Bees Make the Best Pets

Bees Make the Best Pets

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A book “sweet with useful information and anecdotes” on bumblebees, honeybees, worker bees, and the rest of our favorite pollinators (Toronto Star).

A bee swarm of trivia, tips, legend, and lore. Writer and beekeeper Jack Mingo lives with half a million bees. So, it’s safe to say he’s picked up a thing or two at his bee farm. In this collection of humorous, unique, and often unusual observations, Mingo shows us a glimpse of the mystical and matriarchal world of bees and bee culture.

How many legs do bees have? Enough not to crowd your bed at night. They don’t track mud or fleas into the house, and if you leave them in the yard they won’t bark and whine. They greet you with honey and beeswax, not dead mice. And these are just some of the reasons bees make the best pets. Whether you’re flirting with beekeeping, looking to save the bees, or growing into your role as reigning queen bee, there’s something new to learn. Step into Mingo’s quirky hive to get a taste of tidbits like: • The role of bees in the Civil War
• The legend of caroling bees on Christmas Eve
• The color and quality of local honey

“Looking at bee keeping as a natural step toward sustainable living, Bees Make the Best Pets can teach you a lot . . . It is a sweet introduction to raising bees.” —Oh! Grow Up
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Editore: Conari Press
Pubblicato: 2013-10-01
ISBN: 9781609259105

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