Emotional Intelligence - Hannah White

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

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How to improve your E.Q, overcome and coping with negative emotions like Anxiety & Fear and transform your relationships

In this Audiobook you will find how to:
EQ May Be More Important Than IQ
What Makes EQ Special?
The Key Abilities of Emotional Intelligence
How Can a Person Develop EQ?
The Four Core SkillsCommon Barriers to Building Emotional Intelligence (and How to Avoid Them)
Identifying Impacts on Emotions
Managing Relationships the Right Way
The Motivational Aspects of Emotional Intelligence
Feel resilient and capable of handling life stressors
Develop mindfulness by focusing on the present moment
Stop your emotions from spiraling out of control
Do you wish you had better relationships?
Do you struggle to know what to do when conflict arises?
Do you find yourself putting your foot in your mouth more than you care to admit?
Do you want to be a better leader (or get promoted to a leadership position)?

This course will help you with all of those issues and more.

Research shows that emotional intelligence is a necessary quality for being your best in your personal and professional relationships. In fact, studies have found that the majority of workplace success in leadership positions is linked to emotional intelligence. In personal relationships, emotional intelligence also contributes to happier and deeper connections.

Take this book and transform your relationships at home and at work by increasing your emotional intelligence.

We’ve been told lies about our emotions
Emotions are bad or that we’re not supposed to express them
We should trust them, trust our gut but, wait, no, emotions are irrational and shouldn’t be trusted
Emotions are something that happens to us and, therefore, they’re outside of our control
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Editore: Hannah White
Pubblicato: 2020-03-11
Durata: 2H 3Min
ISBN: 9781094209258

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