The Birthday Handbook - Peter Delbridge

The Birthday Handbook

The Birthday Handbook

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This book lets you combine both the Western and Eastern Zodiacs to create your profile. it gives your ruling planets, lucky numbers and colors. Birthstone and your special flowers.

All these factors influence your profile, and you can create your own as well as finding out what Chinese Zodiac animal you actually are.

Quite often the Chinese zodiac starts in January, February due to the cycle working on a lunar cycle. for example,

1955 is the year of the Goat. However if you were born on January 23rd or before, you are actually a Horse for the year of the Goat starts on January 24th 1955.

It also tells you what famous event and famous people you share your birthday with.
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Editore: BookRix
Pubblicato: 2017-12-11
ISBN: 9783743824683

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