Oscar and the CATastrophe - Alan MacDonald

Oscar and the CATastrophe

Oscar and the CATastrophe

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The third book in a brilliantly funny new series for 6 readers from bestselling Dirty Bertie author Alan MacDonald, about a boy and his incredible talking dog.

Sam had a very ordinary life, until Oscar the dog arrived on his doorstep. Because Oscar has a big secret – he can talk!

Oscar usually has a lot to say on any subject, but in this book something makes him speechless … a CAT has moved in next door! And Carmen the pampered feline is almost as much of a nightmare neighbour as her owner, Mrs Bentley-Wallop.

But Sam and Oscar have bigger things to worry about. When a jewel thief strikes, it's time for the daring duo to turn detective … Can they sniff out the culprit before it's too late?

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Book 1: Ask Oscar
Book 2: Oscar and the Dognappers

Perfect for fans of Spydog, Jeremy Strong, Horrid Henry and Pamela Butchart's Wigglesbottom Primary series.
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Editore: Egmont
Pubblicato: 2018-08-09
ISBN: 9781780317977

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