Giving is the Good Life - Randy Alcorn

Giving is the Good Life

Giving is the Good Life

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Wouldn't it be great if we could do what pleases God, helps others, and is best for us-at the same time? Can we live the good life without being selfish?

In Giving Is the Good Life, bestselling author Randy Alcorn teaches life-changing biblical principles of generosity and tells stories of people who have put those radical principles into practice. Each story is a practical application that can help stimulate your imagination and expand your dreams of serving Jesus in fresh ways. These real-life models give you not just words to remember but footprints to follow.

Giving Is the Good Life reveals a grander view of God and generosity-one that stretches far beyond our imagination and teaches us what the good life is really all about.
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Editore: Tantor Audio
Pubblicato: 2020-02-28
Durata: 8H 54Min
ISBN: 9781541430235

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