Empath - Hannah White



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How to accept and manage yourself as an highly sensitive person for happiness and an enjoyable life

In this Audiobook you will find

-Be able to differentiate between feelings, needs, thoughts, and demands.
-Understand yourself at a deeper level
-Help others develop self-awareness and empathy
-Communicate more effectively

Learn Self-Mastery, Build Your Self-Esteem, and Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

You feel that everything is wrong at work? Are you frustrated by your job? Is your working environment conflictual? Is it difficult to work with your colleagues? Do you feel like skipping work today?

This AudioBook covers:

What is an Empath?
Qualities of an Empath
10 signs that you are an Empath
Traits of empathsTypes of empaths
The Seven Stages of Empath Development
How to Develop Your Empath Abilities
Traits You Need to Cultivate as an Empath
Benefits of being an empathy
Managing the Positive Forces
Managing the Negative Forces
The Empath Relationship Guide
Overcoming Social Anxiety for Empaths
Applying Your Empath Abilities to Do Good
The Role of Meditation in an Empath’s Life
The Role of Meditation in an Empath’s Life
Working with Your Chakras as an Empath
Negatives of Being an EmpathGrounding Your Energy
Overcoming Your Fears, Grasping Your Power, and Nurturing Your Empathic Abilities
Strategies for Those with Empathic Natures
Life as an empath Some general tips on daily life if you are an Empath
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Editore: Hannah White
Pubblicato: 2018-08-31
Durata: 2H 31Min
ISBN: 9781987193596

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