The Coming of Abel Behenna - Bram Stoker

The Coming of Abel Behenna

The Coming of Abel Behenna

5.0 2 5 Scritto da: Bram Stoker Letto da: Michael Tudor Barnes
Formato: audio.
Disponibile in formato ebook.
'The little Cornish port of Pencastle was bright in the early April, when the sun had seemingly come to stay after a long and bitter winter. Boldly and blackly the rock stood out against a background of shaded blue, where the sky fading into mist met the far horizon. The sea was of true Cornish huesapphire, save where it became deep emerald green in the fathomless depths under the cliffs, where the seal caves opened their grim jaws. On the slopes the grass was parched and brown. The spikes of furze bushes were ashy grey, but the golden yellow of their flowers streamed along the hillside, dipping out in lines as the rock cropped up, and lessening into patches and dots till finally it died away all together where the sea winds swept round the jutting cliffs and cut short the vegetation as though with an ever working aerial shears. The whole hillside, with its body of brown and flashes of yellow, was just like a colossal yellow hammer.'
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Thriller Serie: Bram Stoker Short stories: 6 Traduttore:

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Editore: Cappelen Damm
Pubblicato: 2012-03-01
Durata: 45Min
ISBN: 9788202390891

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Editore: Cappelen Damm
Pubblicato: 2013-12-31
ISBN: 9788202453497

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