Flirting: Learn How to Flirt with Women as a True Alpha Male - Norton Ravin, Jeremy Dunston

Flirting: Learn How to Flirt with Women as a True Alpha Male

Flirting: Learn How to Flirt with Women as a True Alpha Male

4,4 5 5 Scritto da: Norton Ravin, Jeremy Dunston Letto da: Stephen Low, Mark J. Cayco
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How to Flirt - Do not despair, my attractive friend. You can be just as successful as some of your married, happy friends. You can find the right partner, but to increase your chances, you have to know how to play it. And trust me when I’m telling you this: So many people get it wrong, because they don’t understand the basic human nature when it comes to the procreative instincts. Learn how to be most attractive as a man or a woman by playing into the primal needs of the other sex. Find out how the risks of getting pregnant and procreation lies at the origin of everything we find attractive in each other, and how you can use it to your advantage. Figure out the best ways to improve your looks, your attitude, and your sexual attraction factor. Hear about the people that don’t get it and keep getting frustrated over the fact that nobody is interested in them. Begin to understand how you can stand out and approach the partner of your dreams without turning them off.

How to Become an Alpha Male - So many men miss the point! They show off, they do everything they can to get results so that good-looking women approve of what they do, and they still don’t get the attention they seek. What are they doing wrong? I was like this, too. I never understood how a guy could show up and immediately have all kinds of women surrounding him. After all, I was nice, respectful, and sincerely interested in women. What did that guy have that I didn’t? Well, in this guide, you’ll see it the right way. You’ll understand the God-given or evolutionary (whatever you believe) traits that primates have with which they can have what and who they want and dominate the pack.
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Editore: A to Z Publishing
Pubblicato: 2019-09-09
Durata: 1H 54Min
ISBN: 9781094201986

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